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Is Contributing to Open Source Right for You?

New to open source and wondering where to start?

Andre Arko, Cloud City Development senior developer and lead developer of Bundler, the Ruby dependency manager, has three questions you should ask yourself before diving in. Then once you've answered why open source (and confirmed you have the time), he shares his 15 minute a day blueprint to go from Open Source Newbie to Core Contributor.

Working with iBeacons on iOS - Zero to BLE Bonus

For as little as $5, develop your very own personal Tile or Trackr knockoff.

Now that you've gotten started developing for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices on iOS using the Core Bluetooth framework, it's time to talk about iBeacons. In this bonus installment of our Zero to BLE with iOS primer, Evan K. Stone shows you how to use a Estimote iBeacon to track your luggage through its journey to you at the airport.

Sketch Plugin for Creating Artboard Sized to Fit Selected Objects

Quickly create multiple perfectly sized artboards from one file with this Sketch plugin that sizes using your selected objects.

Iterating rapidly on UI design means you’re going to need multiple different sized artboards as you share ideas amongst your team members. So rather than share artboards that are too big for your needs, check out this Sketch plugin Brendan Miller developed to create artboards based on your selected objects.

Zero to BLE on iOS – Part Three

Swift BLE tutorial will have you connecting and interacting with the Internet of Things (IoT) in no time at all!

In this third and final installment of our Zero to BLE with iOS primer, Evan K. Stone updates Apple’s sample demo app, which was last revised in 2012, and converts it from Objective-C to Swift. While the revised sample app’s behavior is similar to the original, it behaves slightly differently, going beyond what the demo accomplishes to cover advanced topics such as Disconnection and Reconnection; Backgrounding; and State Preservation and Restoration.

Zero to BLE on iOS – Part Two - Swift Edition

Ready to contribute to the Internet of Things? Learn the key to success with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and develop an iOS app with Swift.

In Part 2-Swift Edition of the Zero to BLE on iOS, Evan K. Stone shows you how to develop an iOS app with Swift 2. He'll introduce you to the Texas Instruments SensorTag and then walk you through the creation of a mobile app that displays the current temperature and humidity.