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Sketch has rapidly become a UX/UI designer’s best friend, replacing Adobe Photoshop as the preferred tool for user interface design.

Unlike Photoshop, Sketch is based on modern and modular web design, making it easy for designers and front-end developers to work together. Better still is the size of Sketch’s artboards, which are significantly smaller in size compared to Photoshop’s artboards. (Check out Sketch vs Photoshop: Comparing File Sizes for Artboards to read more about my experiments with file sizes relating to artboards.)

However, while in Sketch you can size an artboard to the objects in your file, you can’t create an artboard sized to a subset of those objects. To eliminate this limitation, I developed a Sketch plugin.

Download Sketch plugin to create artboards sized to your selections.

Now rather than share artboards that are too big for your needs, download my plugin, simply select the object (or objects) for which you want to fit a new artboard around, hit command+Y, and voila, a perfectly sized new artboard.

Download this Sketch plugin to wrap a new artboard around what you select.

Brendan is a visual design director specializing in UI/UX and general product design stuffs, and is absolutely not three cats stacked on top of each other in a trench coat. Pulling from 10+ years of experience in the UI/UX field and his background in illustration and animation, he quickly but thoughtfully builds mockups and flows for all edge cases. He works closely with developers, diving into HTML, CSS, and Git without hesitation.

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