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join your team and get you to market faster. We can advise on your product vision. And we'd love to design and develop your product from start to finish.

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At your service

Rapid prototyping and web application development from senior engineers

Robust databases to create dynamic, scalable applications

Eye-catching user interface design, motion graphics, branding, and identity

User experience and information architecture supported by user studies

Applications and websites that load quickly across a variety of devices


We use Lean UX and agile methodologies, working alongside your team, always doing what is best for your project. You won't find dogmatic principles, carelessly applied.
We're quick, breaking work down to identify what's most relevant and incorporating rapid feedback from user studies. You get the most efficient use of budget as we continually assess and re-assess priorities, time, and cost.
Our meeting schedule is light — daily stand-ups, weekly team retrospectives, and iteration planning for sprints. Weekly demo meetings keep focus on what matters most, including user studies and design research.
Software ships early and often — if anything is behind schedule, you'll receive notice and know the reason. Your stakeholders will be informed and engaged every step along the way.
The goal is to get your product to market — to engage your users, increase conversion, and make the world a better place.

"We’re so glad that we found Cloud City when we needed our application built! Their engineers and designers were experts at their craft, were a pleasure to work with, and made my job easier.

Though we process an incredible amount of data, the Cloud City team built out an application and interface to make it extremely manageable. Additionally, they consistently shipped features for rapidly adapting core business concerns in the process.

On top of creating an excellent application, they also helped us hire fantastic permanent engineering staff, and transferred their knowledge to our team via training and pair programming. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!”

—Nate Haugo, Vice President of Engineering, Timeline Labs

Technical Capabilities

Our tooling choices (for example, database or hosting provider) vary by project. We’d be happy to work with you on finding the best technology for the job.

  • Ruby web frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Grape (for APIs)
  • Node web development: Express, Hapi, Koa and Restify
  • Rich client-side applications: Backbone, Angular, Ember, React
  • Native mobile apps: Objective-C, Swift, React Native
  • Data stores: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis, Memcached
  • BigData: HBase, Cassandra, Riak, or other based on needs evaluation
  • Source control: GitHub, GitLab (always client owned and controlled)
  • Message queues: SQS, ActiveMQ, ZeroMQ
  • Devops: Puppet, Chef, Ansible, SaltStack
  • Containerized hosting: Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos
  • Monitoring: NewRelic, DataDog, Librato
  • Hosting: AWS, Engine Yard, Heroku, or client-specified colocation
  • CDNs: Fastly, CloudFlare, CloudFront
  • Webscale: Nginx, HAproxy, Varnish
  • Continuous Integration: Travis, Circle, Solano, and others