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Forecasting, Collaboration and Psychological Safety: Why Team Estimates Are So Important

Estimates help create a sustainable workload, which is one of the primary ways to mitigate burnout and attrition.

How Cloud City Helped Breadwinner Build a Functional and Supportive Community for Bakers

A functioning, user-friendly online experience isn’t just a nice-to-have. It can be a tool for connection and community. And creating those experiences is one of the best parts of our job.

Handling Multiple Separate Accounts With Terraform

We recently faced significant challenges navigating the permission limitations inherent in Azure. Here’s how we overcame those with Terraform.

Five Minutes With Cain Watson

Today, we’re chatting with Cain Watson, a new member of the Cloud City engineering team. Read on to discover how he approaches development, dancing and rescuing plants (from himself).

Demystifying the Art of Estimation

Estimating, like anything in software development, is a skill. And it’s a HARD one. No one begins their coding career already amazing at estimating.