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Five Minutes With Kendall Billman

Today, we're talking to Kendall Billman, who started at Cloud City as a personal assistant, but truly shines in their new role as an operations manager. Read on to learn about Kendall's road from Ohio to the Bay Area and how they found their passion for operations management, scary movies and cross-stitch.

Five Minutes With Britt Fritsch

Today, we’re chatting with Britt Fritsch, a new member of the Cloud City product team. Read on to learn more about their passion for product management, animals and gardening (especially uniquely colored produce).

What the Architecture Industry Can Teach Us About Smooth UI/UX Design Handoffs

What the architecture industry can teach us about good design

Introducing Round Robin

We're excited to announce that Round Robin, our new Slack app, is now available for you to install in your Slack workspace. Round Robin helps you share tasks among a team, fairly.

Forecasting, Collaboration and Psychological Safety: Why Team Estimates Are So Important

Estimates help create a sustainable workload, which is one of the primary ways to mitigate burnout and attrition.