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Five Minutes With Caroline Taymor

Today, we’re chatting with Caroline Taymor, a new member of the Cloud City engineering team. Read on to discover how they bridge the gap between business needs and tech challenges — when they’re not tending a mini urban farm in their front yard.

Updating Dependencies in a Frontend Project in 6 Easy-ish Steps

Updating dependencies sounds simple, but its something were not usually taught. Which is why many of us feel like were figuring it out on our own.

Five minutes with Ian Taylor

This analytical yet creative user experience designer works holistically. Why? To ensure your big goal is always supported, even in the smallest details.

How to Ask for Help

Asking for help is a more efficient use of time than rabbit-holing. Don’t feel bad about doing it.

Five minutes with Gabriel Williams

As a kid chasing snakes in Swaziland, Gabriel Williams didn’t realize he’d become a successful engineer. But life rarely turns out as you expect it.