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A free Slack app for equitable teams

We’re excited to announce that Round Robin, our new Slack app, is now available for you to install in your Slack workspace.

Round Robin helps you share tasks among a team, fairly. Set up groups and then use Round Robin to select whose turn it is next.

Why did we build this app?

How chores and opportunities are assigned is an equity and inclusion issue. When tasks are assigned on an ad hoc basis, our implicit bias sneaks in and can cause inequitable assignments of work.

For example, femme presenting team members are more likely to be delegated administrative tasks like note taking which prevents them from being active participants in conversations. Masc presenting team members are more likely to be awarded technical opportunities like architecture design resulting in higher valued skills and increased access to raises and promotions.

Over time, this has a huge impact on economic opportunity, morale, and retention.

Even when we’re aware of all this, we may still fall victim to these patterns. When things get stressful or busy, we might assign work based on who we’re most comfortable asking or who has the most experience with a specific task.

Using a turn-based, round robin approach to assigning work means we have a system to avoid inequitable workloads. It ensures our team members have equal access to opportunities and share the chores fairly.

At Cloud City, equity and inclusion are important values of ours. That’s why we’re committed to keeping Round Robin’s base set of features free.

What does it do?

Round Robin creates and manages lists. It keeps track of whose turn it is in the lists.

Talk directly to the Round Robin Slack bot. With an @-mention, you can:

  • Add to groups
  • Remove from groups
  • Show the current assignee
  • Next assignee
  • Pick a random assignee
  • Manually assign
  • List groups
  • List members in a group

How might I use it?

There are no limits to how you can use Round Robin on your team.

You can set up groups for keeping track of

  • Sprint ceremony leads
  • Release management responsibilities
  • Feature/project ownership
  • On call duty
  • Meeting note taking
  • Pairing rotations
  • Who gets to choose the next team lunch 🌮
  • And so much more!

How do I get it?

You can find Round Robin in the Slack app directory or install it directly. We’re offering it as a free app and we hope to hear what you think! You can send us an email at

Who are we?

We’re a woman-led company focusing on pro-community and health and fintech projects. Our team has successfully helped companies launch to millions of users, get to their IPO, and hit their targets to ensure the next round of funding.

We work with early-stage startups, late-stage startups, and corporate clients. Our complete senior-level team brings an average of 15+ years of experience in product design, product management, and software engineering.

Cloud City makes teams better. We improve communication across organizations and within teams to build a culture of support, all while delivering business results.

Cloud City’s mission is to stay true to its values, fighting for equality, access, and nerdy humor. Let’s build together.

In Mercedes' approach to software delivery and technical leadership, she learns everything she can about her client's and her team's goals to make an actionable plan to achieve success. She views her clients as partners and brings a unique blend of technical expertise, non-technical language, and empathetic insight to her work.

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