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Cloud City’s Approach to Consulting: All Problems are People Problems

Being a great consultant is more than just being an expert in your field, it’s about building relationships so you can solve the core problems your clients are facing.

What to Include in a Pull Request Description

A solid pull request description can open doors to quicker and more productive pull request reviews.

Five minutes with Martin Emde

Destined to be a software engineer from an early age, Martin Emde is a pro at innovating solutions and thinking outside the “blocks.”

Boost Your Team’s Productivity by Dropping the “Staff Augmentation” Mindset

Learn how the “staff augmentation” mindset can hold your team and project back. And why ditching this term can help everyone — employees and consultants — succeed.

The Art and Science of Reviewing Pull Requests

Code review is an important part of our consultants’ workflow. In this post, our principal engineer breaks down her process for reviewing pull requests.