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One of the best things about consulting is that we get the opportunity to work with tons of amazing clients on tons of amazing projects.

Our goal is to help clients get their projects off the ground and functioning smoothly. We love to be a part of their success stories.

One of our recent success stories is

Lob helps organizations build their outreach through strategic direct mail. It’s a wholly necessary service – a cluttered and complex mail system can make it difficult to get your message out there. Lob’s goal is to reduce operational friction and drive communication through direct mail.

While Lob was busy helping businesses and nonprofits navigate direct mail, the organization’s teams wanted to make sure their internal workflows and processes were running as efficiently as possible.

They reached out to Cloud City to improve their dashboard and make sure they were cultivating the right environment to support their engineers.

Mercedes Bernard, Cloud City’s principal software engineer, was the first to onboard with Lob. Through her expertise, she was able to help Lob achieve meaningful change; the same kind of open, thoughtful change that Lob brings to its customers.

Mercedes, along with Cloud City’s senior engineers Kevin Fitzpatrick and Logan Jewett, weaved themselves into Lob and helped the internal team develop creative solutions. For team Cloud City, the goal was to leave Lob better than they found it.

“Cloud City has helped mentor our team and provide technical guidance. Because of this, one of our employees who worked with Cloud City the most was recently promoted, which is awesome,”

– Morgan VanDerLeest, an engineering manager at Lob

This is the lifeblood of Cloud City – to make positive change in the teams we work with. If you want to know more about our work with Lob, check out our in-depth case study here.

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