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Happy Galentine’s Day everyone! 

As you may know, this is Cloud City’s second favorite holiday. It’s a lot like Valentine’s day, but dedicated to our best gals, or more correctly and less gendered, our dearest friends. It’s a day to revel in the friendships that teach us, strengthen our resolves, and hold us when we need to cry. Cheers to all of our friends and thank you for your support. Today, flagrantly remind your friends how important they are to you. 

As part of the business community, we also believe it is our duty to give back and invite all other companies to be thoughtful contributors as well. Our charitable Galentine gift this year goes to Clean Air Task Force, a US-based non-governmental organization that works on reducing air pollution. They are data-driven and effective with policy changes. Now is a great time to give support. 

Clean Air Task Force mission: “We push the change in technologies and policies needed to get to a zero-emissions, high-energy planet at an affordable cost. Imagine a world where the energy needs of all humans are met efficiently without damaging the atmosphere.”

Breathing is important! Friendships are golden! We’re here to help!

Stephanie, Cloud City Development General Manager, believes design is both an art and a science. Cool under pressure, she’ll guide you through uncharted territory with roadmaps and deadlines while talking and listening to users and helping team members where needed. She excels at bringing design direction and order to both large-scale projects and chaotic environments. For over 10 years, Stephanie has brought quality digital products to life through great design. Her specialties include product design, Lean UX, agile, customer development, and usability. Stephanie lives in a hacker-house in San Francisco where they develop hardware, software, and experiences to improve humanity and incite creative human flourishing.

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