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A comic portraying the dangers of gaslighting

Gaslighting is just one type of microaggression.

Microaggressions appear to be small slights, but substantially contribute to a hostile work environment. From the outside, they look innocuous enough; more like clumsy misunderstandings, but a persistent pattern of them can wield tremendous damage to teams.

A pattern of microaggressions directed at a team member results in impeded productivity, undermined confidence, and a sense of not belonging.

Workplace bullying and unfairness have been cited as the primary reason that women, PoC, and LGBT individuals leave the tech industry; people from these groups leave at such a high rate that the attrition costs a total of 16 billion dollars per year. It works against inclusion and diversity goals on teams.

Brendan is a visual design director specializing in UI/UX and general product design stuffs, and is absolutely not three cats stacked on top of each other in a trench coat. Pulling from 10+ years of experience in the UI/UX field and his background in illustration and animation, he quickly but thoughtfully builds mockups and flows for all edge cases. He works closely with developers, diving into HTML, CSS, and Git without hesitation.

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