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Creating a Breakthrough Technology for Monitoring Home Energy Performance

Truveon is a tool that helps homes respond to environmental factors, giving homeowners a greater degree of insight and control over their houses. Data from across multiple appliances, the HVAC system, and the structure itself is leveraged to provide responsive energy management and maximum efficiency. It helps people save time and money, and prevent disaster.

  • Full-Stack Development
  • Mobile
  • Python
  • React
  • React Native
  • UI
  • UX

The Challenge

Designing for multiple types of users

Truveon’s vision included a data collection and processing infrastructure that communicates with other entities to generate greater insight and responsive action. They needed to create a cloud-based digital twin of installed HVAC systems and the home itself as a complex thermal system that interacts with firmware, equipment and sensors installed in the home. This task required not only a high degree of expertise and skill, but an operational understanding of closed loop controls and embedded on-board diagnostic systems.

Continuously operating a variety of sensors inside the home, and interfacing with its digital infrastructure, would facilitate real-time data collection and performance management. In addition, it also created a complex technical architecture. Cloud City’s engineers and designers would need to collaborate heavily with Truveon’s core leadership to ensure alignment and responsive delivery throughout their partnership.

Cloud City was tasked with designing apps that could be used by different people to engage with the same data. Truveon’s product had to engage with multiple types of end users, including service managers who have to juggle multiple household data sets, technicians needing to install entire HVAC systems, and homeowners wanting to check the efficiency of their personal HVAC systems.

The Solution

Unlocking knowledge

To help design and develop technology for Truveon, Cloud City worked to unlock technician knowledge on HVAC systems. They then systematized that knowledge into an application to help users troubleshoot and resolve problems.

Cloud City thoughtfully designed and executed IoT (Internet of Things) technology for Truveon, called TruEfficiency™. Not only did this include the skilled software development and expertise required for an interactive system with multiple end users, but also the ability to think through and generate thoughtful, effective design.

The end result was a suite of reliable and effective applications designed to collect and track data, safely compare it to the performance of highly efficient homes, incorporate weather data, and give end users the information they need to monitor energy — and troubleshoot and fix problem areas if necessary.

The Outcome

A breakthrough system for monitoring home energy

Cloud City effectively delivered on a product — and a partnership — that made this breakthrough IoT system for monitoring home energy a reality.

“Having many IoT devices pinging not only each other, but also sending data securely to service managers, technicians, and homeowners is quite a challenge,” says Jan-Dieter Spalink, CEO of Truveon. “When faced with engineering and design problems of this nature, it is reassuring to have a team with programming and design pattern expertise working alongside you.”

“Cloud City’s staff is highly professional, experienced, cooperative, works hard, and delivers high quality output. They are also a lot of fun to work with!”

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