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Building a Streamlined System To Transform Agriculture

Pivot Bio is a biotech company that aims to improve agriculture and create a healthier, more sustainable model for growing crops and ensuring soil nutrition.

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The Challenge

Tracking thousands of bacteria strands

To perform research and identify naturally occurring strains of bacteria that might be able to improve soil health, scientists at Pivot Bio faced the logistical and administrative challenge of managing thousands of strands of bacteria, stored as both numbers in their custom internal management system (called LIMS, or laboratory information management system) and also as physical samples in a freezer.

This data evolved and changed frequently with experimentation, genetic sequencing, and additional discoveries. To ensure that they were accurately performing research and analysis, all scientists needed to be able to access and discuss the data.

Prior to their partnership with Cloud City, Pivot Bio relied on a massive Excel spreadsheet that would be emailed back and forth as a means of communication. This resulted in their research running ahead of what was stored in LIMS. They also faced the enormous challenge of ensuring regulatory approval. Their lawyers would access files on hard copy to make sure that specific strands of bacteria had gained regulatory clearance in different states — a tedious, time-consuming task.

The Solution

An integrated internal system

Cloud City helped transform the “back and forth” emailing of Excel spreadsheets into a piece of their internal web application. Data no longer stayed trapped in Excel, but was now shared and accessible across the organization — making both existing and new initiatives easier, more efficient, and more accurate.

A special tool was also created to keep track of documentation, helping Pivot Bio tackle the challenge of communicating efficiently about regulatory clearance. Where their lawyers previously had to access paper files stored in a physical box, they could now use LIMS to look up strain numbers and states, able to quickly and efficiently check regulations for particular strands of bacteria.

Throughout their partnership, Cloud City consulted with scientists and engineering leadership across Pivot Bio to help them identify exactly what they needed to problem-solve and increase efficiency. Ultimately, Cloud City’s engineer acted as both an advanced software developer and as a strategic consultant. They helped Pivot Bio make wise decisions about what they needed, how they could solve internal problems and develop faster, more accurate, and more efficient workflows.

The Outcome

Positioned for long-term success

Pivot Bio’s partnership with Cloud City made work easier for everyone. New tooling and functionality kept data in real time, made communication easier, and improved overall workflows.

Cloud City helped set up Pivot Bio for future success. By helping them establish tools, systems, and workflows that help them do their jobs better and faster — and undertake new initiatives successfully — Cloud City provided a strategic, forward-thinking partnership for Pivot Bio, which continues to see success and additional investment as of 2020.

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