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Revamping Data Entry & Improving Infrastructure

Gusto is a software platform that helps companies efficiently provide their employees with payroll, benefits, and HR services, and has evolved over time to include a range of services including medical insurance.

  • Software Development
  • Project Management
  • Scaling
  • Security

The Challenge

Automating insurance paperwork

Most insurance companies lack a HIPAA-compliant web interface for their clients, preferring onerous faxed forms for their security. Even those that have more efficient systems for data exchange typically require a certain number of customers to merit automatic communication. Gusto, naturally, had no control over which insurance providers its clients chose.

This necessitated tedious manual entry into forms for different insurance companies, and a system that was nearly impossible to scale without spending exponentially more money on labor. Gusto previously relied on an outdated method for communicating with insurance companies, hiring a small labor force to fill out paperwork for the insurance providers of their clients. This process wasted time, labor, and money.

Gusto looked to Cloud City to help them develop a solution that would replace manual entry with computer entry.

The Solution

Turning customer form entry into data

Gusto knew they needed a different approach for communicating with medical providers. They brought on a lead engineer from Cloud City, André Arko. He partnered with Gusto to build a system that would automate communication by turning a customer’s form entry into data. That data could then be transferred to insurance providers without manual entry by a staff member at Gusto.

As a result, Gusto was better positioned to scale their platform and continue expanding their service to more businesses and more employees.

The initial engagement went so well, Gusto decided to expand their partnership with Cloud City and bring on André for a new initiative: leading a team of engineers that would improve infrastructure and processes at Gusto. They hired Cloud City to essentially form one-third of their new team, which would troubleshoot problems and improve overall infrastructure by proactively mitigating risk.

Through a combination of risk-identification, planning analysis, and architecture work, this growing team helped dramatically improve internal infrastructure across Gusto.

The Outcome

Wholehearted Software Development with Cloud City

Today, Gusto is a major employee service provider that serves businesses across the U.S. By working with Cloud City in key initial engagements, they’ve been able to build a foundation for successfully helping companies pay their employees in a timely, efficient fashion, while also providing insurance and HR benefits.

When Cloud City partnered with Gusto, they didn’t just deliver a desired solution. They offered value in a number of key areas that helped to holistically improve engineering processes, communication, and more.

Partner with Cloud City

Internal projects can be far more complicated than anticipated, even for software companies. By bringing Cloud City into the picture, our clients are able to complete critical projects and benefit from our partnership. Cloud City is a human-centered, empathetic software development team, invested in our clients' long-term health.

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