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Stephanie Geerlings

Co-founder Emeritus

Stephanie Geerlings

Stephanie Geerlings co-founded Cloud City Development, and has over fifteen years of experience bringing quality digital products to life through product design.

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Stephanie has built software, hardware, and large steel machine sculptures. She has done branding and 3-D, print, and web design for Fortune 500s. Her specialties include Product Design, LeanUX, Agile, Customer Development, and Usability.

She was a founding team member at Figure-Eight, which sold for $300M, and the founder at 12Spokes, which was acquired by Instructure. She led product organization as a founding team member at CrowdFlower, growing the company to over 50 employees and 10M+ in revenue. She pioneered Sharethrough Labs, an R&D branch dedicated to methodical analytics testing, transformed Gengo’s process from waterfall methodology to agile software development, and built an innovative open source tool, TSOMI, to analyze influence within Wikipedia data. As a PM with WelnessFX, she worked on an MVP for medical diagnostics with charts, scheduling, email, bio-marker explanations, and personal health information.

Stephanie sees design as both an art and a science. She will guide you through uncharted territory with roadmaps and deadlines, communicating with users and helping team members where needed. She excels at bringing design direction and order to both large-scale projects and chaotic environments.

Her values are core to how she works. She’s honest, cares about results, and believes in supporting people.