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Mercedes Bernard

Principal Engineer

Mercedes Bernard

Mercedes is an experienced consultant with a decade in the industry. She is a full-stack software engineer specializing in web development and dedicated to team enablement.

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Mercedes is a values-driven, growth-oriented software engineering consultant dedicated to shipping quality code and creating opportunities for her team to level-up.

Mercedes excels at seeing the big picture while decomposing the problem at hand into small, actionable steps forward. She believes in refactoring technical debt and adding extensibility points and flexibility so your code base can grow with your business. During projects with Mercedes, you will feel empowered, comfortable, and heard. She values honest and clear communication about tradeoffs so you can collaborate to make the best decisions for your goals.

She has experience in a wide variety of industries including agriculture, public utilities, performing arts, consumer goods, hospitality, and government.

As an engineering leader, she strives to foster an environment where each individual’s unique set of strengths and ideas have space to grow and better the organization. She cares deeply about inclusion, sponsorship, and the team’s feedback culture. She puts an enormous amount of care into building an environment where everyone’s achievements are celebrated and growth opportunities are supported.

Mercedes often speaks about topics at the intersection of technology, mentorship, and communication. Over the last few years, she’s given many conference talks at over 15 industry events including RailsConf, RubyConf, CodeMash, and O’Reilly OSCON.

In her free time, Mercedes is an avid crafter and loves to crochet, spin yarn, and embroider.

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