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Senior Talent

We have 10+ years experience designing, testing, and building apps on and off the web, with expertise in UX/UI, front-end technologies, and native mobile interfaces.

Rapid Iterations

We ship code early and often, making your budget go as far as possible. We'll continually assess and re-assess priorities, time, and cost to make your product dreams come true.

Lean UX Design

We lead with usability, ensuring you have a functional product before we dive into development. Our UX/UI designers work hand in hand with developers, and our developers take pride in writing code that is easy to read and update after the project is complete.

"When San Francisco LGBT Pride decided it was time to upgrade our website we knew we wanted more than a mere facelift. We needed a site that provided a strong online presence and supported the high volume of visitors we receive year-round. We wanted a site that was compelling, informative and engaging for both desktop and mobile users. We also wanted a site that would be easy to manage while seamlessly serving all of our constituents with attendee and event information, clear registration and sponsorship pathways, tools for our members, and an overall engaging platform for anyone wanting to know more about SF Pride.

We knew this project was going to be exciting but also challenging. We knew we needed a partner that was up to the task and was as passionate about our success as we are. We could not have asked for a better partner than Cloud City. They took the time to understand what we as an organization – with limited staff and limited budget – needed, and identified how together we could develop a world-class website. Their team was meticulous in guiding us through every step and phase of the project. Their skills, vision, professionalism and enthusiasm were the key elements to our collective success.

We are thrilled with our new website and how it honors our vision and serves the needs of our diverse audience. The modular design of the site gives us flexibility to grow. Cloud City continues to be a great partner of the organization and we are tremendously grateful for their expertise and contributions to this project."

—George Ridgely, Jr., Executive Director, Director, SF Pride