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How Cloud City Helped Robin Change the Future of Healthcare

We don’t like to speculate about the future, but it’s safe to say that Robin is revolutionizing healthcare in America.

Robin uses AI and machine learning technology to create an automated scribing system. This cuts down a doctor’s administrative work and allows them to focus on actually treating the patient.

  • Product Management
  • Training
  • Scaling

The Challenge

Improving the Healthcare System — and Robin’s Internal Workflows

When you have ambitious goals (like changing the way our country handles healthcare), you need all hands on deck. We first partnered with Robin in the summer of 2021. Our mission was to help them develop their product and streamline their internal processes.

From our perspective, Robin’s product was a game-changer: an AI solution built to improve a healthcare system that is dictated by the ever-increasing demands of insurance companies.

This is a pain point that every American has experienced. Robin came up with an innovative, outside-the-box solution to problems that stemmed from medical transcription and insurance coding errors.

Robin’s challenges were in part based on their success. Because their initial offering was such a hit, they needed to grow their team. Fast. But their current engineers and product managers kept running into obstacles — deadlines snuck by, stress levels rose and there was a constant feeling of being behind on work.

This is when Robin decided to talk to Cloud City.

The Solution

Mentoring Product, Engineering and Technical Teams

Cloud City, first and foremost, is a team of tech experts and coding engineers. But we know there’s more to success than hands on keyboards. To help Robin build their dream team of engineers and product managers, we first wanted to make sure they had the processes and infrastructure in place to empower each group to work to its full potential.

Leslie Chicoine, Cloud City’s director of product, was the first to partner with Robin. Once she highlighted some opportunities to improve processes, Cloud City director of engineering Gabriel Williams and senior engineer Kevin Fitzpatrick were brought on to help Robin achieve their goals.

In terms of product management, Leslie assumed a mentorship role within the Robin team. While they were an incredibly committed and knowledgeable team, their expertise was in medical scribing rather than managing a digital product. Leslie, using her background and understanding of product management, was able to augment the team’s skills to create a better end product.

“We wanted to get better at product management,” says Tripp Wickersham, VP of product at Robin. “Having teachers like Leslie who can lead by example helps me and the team get there faster. That’s a real differentiating factor for Cloud City.”

On the engineering and technical side, instead of relying on JUST hard coding skills, Gabriel and Kevin helped Robin’s engineers implement soft skills to shift the organizational focus, improve communication and clearly define each engineer’s role at Robin.

The Outcome

Helping Robin Continue to Innovate and Grow

To help Robin grow a stellar group of talented engineers and passionate product managers, Cloud City facilitated the building and implementing of internal infrastructures and day-to-day processes that would empower Robin to support each person on the team.

“I think we have improved the identity of our product management group within and outside of our team,” Tripp says. “Cloud City is different from other consultants. Since they are embedded with us, they are here for the long run. They want to work in an environment that has good processes. It feels more genuine to me.”

Cloud City has experience with other companies like Robin, both in terms of size and the need for HIPAA compliance. We were able to use this expertise to implement a plan to help improve their framework, serve as liaisons between engineering and management, and streamline communication.

If Robin’s job was to drive the car (with the destination being improved healthcare outcomes), our job was to make sure the road was smooth and free of obstacles. We are continuing to achieve this with Robin — and are loving every mile of the journey.

Partner with Cloud City

Internal projects can be far more complicated than anticipated, even for software companies. By bringing Cloud City into the picture, our clients are able to complete critical projects and benefit from our partnership. Cloud City is a human-centered, empathetic software development team, invested in our clients' long-term health.

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