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iOS app is a child's dream

Lully is an iOS app that records and analyzes a child’s sleep patterns. It connects to the Sleep Guardian device to retrain healthy sleep and to stop night terrors.

  • iOS
  • UI/UX Design
  • User Studies
  • Software Development

The Challenge

We started our design with real parents whose children suffered from night terrors.

With real input from parents, we provided proven user flows and worked with the Lully team to deliver a strong first product for launch.

Together we created an iOS app to record, predict, and communicate with the device using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Not only did we want a functioning product, we wanted to introduce levity to a stressful situation and carry Lully’s branding into the app. To do this, we introduced illustration and animation designed to reassure and reduce worries.

With our help, Lully is making a positive, healthy impact for families suffering from night terrors.

The Solution

Visual design to comfort parents

Our main motivation for design was to reassure parents and grant everyone a good night’s sleep.

To encourage parents whose child had a night terror last night to keep using the iOS app and BLE device, we introduced a progress screen. At a glance, parents could see fewer night terrors and more nights of peaceful slumber in between incidents.

Proven user flows for peaceful rest

We kept the iOS app user experience simple—not wanting to keep sleep-deprived parents away from their beds any longer than necessary. We then took our designs to bedrooms, fine tuning displays that parents could use and would not cast too much bright light.

Our goal with testing was to reassure parents and provide guidance as to what types of movement to look for in their child’s sleep.

The Outcome

Interactive product for good dreams

Night terrors are no laughing matter; parents often feel helpless as they watch their child suffer.

We worked with the Lully team to create an intuitive, easy to use iOS app that records, predicts, and communicates with their Sleep Guardian device. Now 8 out of 10 night terrors have been stopped and families are slumbering peacefully through the night.

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