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Sid Krishnan

Senior Engineer

Sid Krishnan

As Cloud City Development Senior Developer, Sid works with consultants and client teams to bring product visions to life.

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Testing Rails Applications

Sid has architected and developed a cyber risk survey app for Fortune 500 firms, and built features for an IoT messaging device startup, mortgage financing, and clean energy applications.

To improve the operating efficiency of businesses, he has created time-saving software, developed reference-embedded applications, and contributed to an interactive background report and employment verification application.

Sid has run security workshops, spoken on authentication topics, and written technical articles for, CodeShip, SemaphoreCI, and the Cloud City blog — some of which have been translated into Japanese.

“On the engineering front Sid is the most solid developer I have ever worked with. Rather than simply delivering what’s written in the stories (nothing less, nothing more), he always keeps in mind the big picture and makes sure whatever piece of code he’s working on actually fits into the product we’re all building.

Whenever Sid is working on a set of stories, I can trust the feature will work as expected and all the doubts will be raised and clarified with me. In our setup, where I’m based in Poland, 6-9h ahead of everyone in the US, this is a critical success factor. He’s always nice to talk to, whether it’s just comments in the stories, Slack, or zoom!”

Kacper Rychard Product Specialist, Cyber Solutions McKinsey & Company

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