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Kenzi Connor


Kenzi Connor

Kenzi Connor, President/CEO of Cloud City Development, is an adept software engineer, founder, and CTO who works to build more functional, diverse, and fulfilled teams.

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An Open Letter to the Tech Community About...

As a technical leader, Kenzi does not blindly follow dogmas and instead offers a vision that balances the efficiencies of agile without losing focus on truly successful products.

She has been building apps and managing teams since the early 2000s. In that time, she has steered many successful worldwide product launches, serving hundreds of millions of users, and grown multiple productive and stable teams from the ground up. In the competitive tech hiring market, her teams have incredible retention, with some of her people being with her since 2003.

She truly believes in protecting the planet, guiding people to their best selves, and serving good products.

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