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Kendall Billman

Operations Manager

Kendall Billman

Kendall's road to their career as an Operations Manager was one sprinkled with serendipity — and experiences that would shape them as a person, and a member of the Cloud City team.

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Five Minutes With Kendall Billman

The go-getter personal assistant turned rockstar operations manager (and cross-stitching horror movie buff).

As Cloud City’s operations manager, Kendall is often the go-to person behind the scenes. This can mean anything from generating content for Cloud City’s social media accounts to managing the planning of campaigns and events to helping clients arrange meetings with the Cloud City team. But where Kendall really shines is working with people and organizing for a cause.

Before becoming our Operations Manager, Kendall first joined Cloud City as a personal assistant to the co-founder. However, after the co-founder left, our President of Development, Kenzi, sensed Kendall’s potential to be a great operations manager and offered to train them — and the rest, as they say, is history.

Born in a small farming town in Ohio, Kendall first moved to the Bay Area in search of education and opportunities. After successfully completing an associate’s degree in women’s studies at City College of San Francisco, Kendall received a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Mills College.

It was during Kendall’s studies at both community college and later at Mills that they realized their passion and talent for organizing for something they believe in. This has included volunteer work with a variety of social justice causes, as well as Kendall’s professional work.

After a busy day, you’ll likely find Kendall at home making elaborate meals with their partner, hanging with their cat, playing a video game, watching a scary movie (a favorite pastime that began in childhood, when they were far too young to be watching scary movies – THANKS DAD!) or working on a cross-stitch or embroidery project. Instead of flowers and poems, the cross-stitch might have skulls or snakes on it, because why not?

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