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Helen Anne Travis

Fractional CMO | Conversion Copywriter | Content Strategist

Helen Anne Travis

Helen Anne has helped everyone from Expedia to AdventHealth to CNN engage, inspire and motivate their readers and customers.

Work with Helen Anne

For the past 17 years (holy cow, has it really been that long?) Helen Anne has helped clients engage customers throughout the buying cycle.

A former journalist, Helen Anne leverages her experience writing for publications like National Geographic, Bust and CNN to develop blog content that gets readers’ (and search engines’) attention.

Her conversion copywriting experience helps her turn more of those readers into leads. And her experience working in-house for brands like Sony and Canon helps her develop nurture strategies for those who aren’t ready to convert (yet).

Helen Anne’s clients typically have awesome teams, but no one has extensive copywriting or content creation experience. (Or if they do, they’re drowning in work.) Her clients need someone who can plug into their team on a project or retainer basis and not just write, but also ensure the engagement is a stress-free success.

Outside of work, Helen Anne loves to travel (or at least she did before COVID). In the meantime, the three feral cats she accidentally stress-adopted during the pandemic are keeping her plenty busy.

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Work with Helen Anne