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Gabriel Williams

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Gabriel Williams

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Five minutes with Gabriel Williams

Cloud City’s Approach to Consulting: All P...

Gabriel Williams, Director of Engineering at Cloud City, fosters supportive teams.

After finding his footing as a self-made entrepreneur, followed by years leading high-profile teams as a senior architect, Gabriel realized that he wanted to do more than work for others… he wanted to do good in the world.

With VillageReach, Gabriel created tools to help health care delivery reach everyone, including a system to optimize routes for temperature-controlled medicines. He helped provide clean energy products to developing countries with MicroEnergy Credits. His work with nonprofits and as a consultant for good causes eventually led him to the shared ethos he found at Cloud City.

As an engineering leader, Gabriel has offered both on-the-ground leadership (writing code and building the pipeline) as well as communicating project objectives to the executive team for a critical billing system migration. For a Fortune 50 company, he built a new team tasked with creating a highly regulated security assessment and improvement tool.

When not exploring nature’s mountainous beauty, Gabriel transcends the colloquial “gamer” assignment, known to his closest associates as an unrivaled connoisseur of all game genres from board to video. Radical in an age of battle royal dominance, he is an especially vocal proponent of collaborative, problem-solving, teamwork-based games.

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