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Caroline Taymor

Lead Engineer

Caroline Taymor

Caroline is a dev who builds bridges between teams. Their expertise includes identifying sociotechnical roadblocks so clients can communicate, collaborate and make better decisions together.

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Five Minutes With Caroline Taymor

With the constant scarcity of engineering talent, it’s critical to work smarter to get things done on time.

Luckily for Cloud City and our clients, Caroline Taymor helps maximize efficiency across teams. How? By solving the sociotechnical problems that plague engineering teams and companies everywhere.

Sure, Caroline’s technical expertise lies in infrastructure and platform. Yet one of Caroline’s greatest assets is their ability to foster clear communication, process and collaboration. You know, the soft skills that are so hard to find among engineers.

Not bad for someone who grew up wanting to be an astronaut/ballerina. While the outfit these days isn’t space helmets or tutus, Caroline is well-suited for software engineering.

In particular, Caroline prides themself on getting broader teams on the same page so entire orgs can effectively deliver the right thing. Like translating the technical for the business folks (or vice versa) so everyone understands the business needs and dev challenges. With Caroline around, diverse teams work together instead of talking past each other.

Of course, Caroline also has the tech chops too. In addition to their infrastructure strengths, Caroline also has deep experience with operations. They see the business and human value of sharing knowledge to increase skills across the entire team.

Plus, they improve release-engineering processes so products ship faster and more reliably. Like that time Caroline turned a 50-step manual deployment process that took 12 hours into something that took only two hours to ship.

In their free time, Caroline does more than code. They also create in other ways, like teaching at their synagogue in the Bay Area. This plant lover also tends an urban garden with plenty of basil. And as with many other engineers, Caroline is fond of fiber arts and appreciates how knitting patterns are a lot like computer programs.

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