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Carl Jackson

Senior Engineer

Carl Jackson

Carl Jackson is a full stack and advanced ML software engineer, serial entrepreneur, and believes in a future that blurs the lines between work and play.

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Being an aviation enthusiast, it’s no wonder he eventually landed on Cloud City.

In his work as a Senior Developer, he contributed to the iOS app Lully, helping kids suffering from night terrors get some sleep.

As CTO and founder of RealVR, Carl eviscerated remote burnout by giving enterprise teams a virtual reality platform which enabled them to be significantly more productive, with superhuman powers in thrilling immersive environments. He specialized in the use of photogrammetry and LiDar to create indoor scans, as well as the automation and optimization of the meshes needed to display them in virtual reality.

For SunPower, a solar cell and panel manufacturer, Carl developed a residential sales and proposal tool using Rails and React.

Carl is an avid hiker and lover of nature. Especially mountains. Carl really loves mountains.

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