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Cain Watson

Senior Software Engineer

Cain Watson

The reluctant AP CompSci student becomes the software development master (and house plant gardening student).

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Five Minutes With Cain Watson

Meet a developer who taught software engineering before getting more hands-on to help clients and colleagues alike.

Cain Watson first encountered programming when he was placed in an AP computer science class. At first he was nervous, thinking there would be lots of math involved. But he eventually aced the class after realizing that coding is more like language than mathematics.


Since that close call with math, Cain completed Operation Spark’s immersive bootcamp and taught and coded for the organization for a few years. Now he’s turned to software development consulting at Cloud City.

The New Orleans-area native’s knowledge-sharing background as a teacher suits him well. Sometimes he’s conveying complex technical concepts to clients, other times he’s sharing useful info about JavaScript with his colleagues.

Either way, it’s important to Cain to empower others, like when putting together documentation for clients so they can best maintain code base and documentation.

Of course, this skilled dev loves learning too. Like getting detailed requirements to give him context for what problems he’s solving for end-users. That makes it easier and faster for Cloud City’s clientele to hit their goals once he gets hands-on with code.

Cain’s empathetic way of collaborating with other programmers and Cloud City’s clients is a bit like this new greenthumb’s approach to tending house plants. Both take patience, close attention to detail and a particular level of trust in the process.

Whether Cain is wrapping up a software release or bringing a big periwinkle plant back to life, it’s clear he has a nurturing nature. So you know who to call if you want your project or house plant to bloom.

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