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Britt Fritsch

Lead Product Manager

Britt Fritsch

Meet a product manager who loves to help clients unite shared visions across teams.

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Five Minutes With Britt Fritsch

The startup founder becomes the product management master (and maverick gardener).

After earning their MBA, Britt started a firm to build eCommerce websites for brick-and-mortar companies. They started to notice a pattern.

Several times, Britt’s startup built exactly what the business requested. Yet, the final product still didn’t match the client’s expectations. Britt researched why this was happening and came across product management.

At their firm, Britt started implementing product management techniques, which led to happier customers and more effective workflows. In the process, Britt fell in love with helping people articulate their precise goals — culminating in that “aha!” moment.

Today Britt is a self-described “product management nerd” who’s bringing their prowess to Cloud City.

Britt thinks of product management as the art and science around structured conversations. They gather all of the different perspectives and combine them to find synergies. As a result, Britt’s clients gain ideas that address both the big picture and the specifics.

To continually improve the client experience, Britt empowers and listens to others. Britt’s skillfulness as product manager even crosses over into their hobbies.

Britt loves to garden not only for the time outdoors, but also for the challenge of cultivating a thriving system.

Whether synthesizing different perspectives in a company or setting up automated watering systems, Britt’s enthusiasm and analytical nature always shines through. So you can ensure your project (or garden) flourishes from the overall vision down to the details.

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