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Arlette Thibodeau

Lead Engineer

Arlette Thibodeau

Over the past 15 years, Arlette has helped clients like Apple, Toyota and Sony use technology to develop processes and products that work for humans.

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Five minutes with Arlette Thibodeau

Arlette has a deep respect for the humanity of technology. Which is why she takes a people-first approach to problem-solving.

That could mean everything from making products more accessible to refactoring code to rebuilding internal processes so they actually work for development and product teams.

When working with a new client, Arlette starts by understanding the pain points of the team and its users. If everyone is mad at the same thing, then it’s a problem, she says — regardless of how much it cost to build or how brilliant the idea seemed when it was implemented.

In her eyes, a good consultant isn’t someone who tries to improve each step of a client’s process. Instead, they question whether each step is necessary.

With a wide range of projects under her belt, Arlette is a proud generalist. Her experience building everything from component libraries to marketing sites for a global audience allows her to fearlessly jump into new projects. She’s flexible and adaptable. And as soon as you talk to her, you’ll see she’s also enthusiastic as heck.

On Zoom calls, you’ll likely meet Buddy, a 14-year-old orange tabby she rescued from a friend’s yard in Joshua Tree. Arlette is also an avid motorcyclist — she recently got back from a bike tour of Pakistan — and knitter. Just don’t ask her to make a scarf. Those are boring.

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