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Over several years of working at Cloud City Development, I’ve seen a consistent demand crop up repeatedly amongst our clients’ companies: How can a team of software engineers hire aggressively to meet future needs, while still having time to meet current needs? How can developers (or their managers) find the expertise that they need to evaluate candidates, when it is precisely that very expertise that is needed for them to do so?

Filling this need is one of the ways that Cloud City has been able to contribute the most productively to our clients’ software teams. When our developers join a team, we’re not only bringing decades of experience writing software, we’re also bringing decades of experience with interviewing and hiring software developers. Our senior engineers have worked at the top of our field for more than 10 years.

By taking advantage of our extensive past experience, we can help you check your candidates for competence in a wide range of topic areas, development styles, and specific stack or framework knowledge customized to the specific needs that your team is trying to hire for. If you need to hire a senior developer who can help you handle 10x more traffic, we can make sure you’re hiring the right person with the right skills.

Over the years, we’ve participated in more hiring processes than we can even keep track of at this point. We are able to help you ditch unproductive whiteboard interviews while still validating your candidates’ competence and experience. Having interviewed hundreds of candidates in the past, we have finely-tuned sensors for exaggeration and self-aggrandizement, and we are able to identify and verify those claims that seem too good to be true on resumés.

Even beyond technical abilities, our team at Cloud City is first-class at screening for teamwork skills like communication, empathy, and teachability. One strategy we use to make sure developers can work well with others is a split pairing interview. This is where the candidate pairs with one developer who is more senior than them, and one developer who is more junior than them. By evaluating in both directions, we can ensure a candidate not only handles feedback well, but also respects and empowers the parts of the team they can help.

The best part? We do all of this with input from you, without demanding that you tear your existing team away from the important work they’re already doing. Scale up your team by finding and ultimately hiring candidates with true expertise, and without sacrificing productivity or current schedules. Contact us today so we can help you vet candidates without taking away valuable engineering time from your existing team.

André Arko thinks Ruby is pretty neat. At Cloud City, he’s known for well-tested code that is maintainable over time. He is passionate about understandable code, understandable documentation, and understandable processes, believing every change is a chance to leave the codebase (and team) in better shape than it started from.

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