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André Arko

André Arko learned Ruby for fun as a college student, and then accidentally wound up on the Bundler core team. He spends a lot of time excited to be doing or talking about programming. He also founded a non-profit in an effort to ensure Ruby would stick around so he could keep using it. His code lives at, and his writings about code live at

15+ years experience
Lead developer of Bundler
Co-authored The Ruby Way
Founded Ruby Together

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Kenzi Connor

Kenzi Connor, President/CEO of Cloud City, is an adept software engineer, founder, and CTO, who works to build more functional, diverse, and fulfilled teams. As a technical leader, she does not blindly follow dogmas and instead offers a vision that balances the efficiencies of agile without losing the focus on truly successful products.

19+ years experience
grown several successful teams from scratch
launched several products to millions of users

Work with Kenzi