Wholehearted software design and development
that betters our world


Cloud City is a software development shop
for web and mobile

Cloud City Development  is a San Francisco based software shop that specializes in building and designing products using Lean UX principles, scaling APIs, Ruby on Rails development, and CTO consulting. We consult with innovative startups and technology companies large and small.

  • We are a team of best-in-class engineers and product designers.
  • We share our knowledge, treat clients with respect, and provide information along the way.
  • Immersed in the heart of Bay Area tech in SoMa, San Francisco, we can work onsite with your local start-up team.
  • Always on top of the latest technologies, we were one of the first consultancies to start working with Ruby on Rails back in 2005.
  • Our engineers have 5–10+ years of experience building on the web for Fortune 500s, startups, and socially responsible companies.
  • We work in verticals including education, health and wellness, banking, and advertising.


Highlighted projects

CTO Consulting Hired eight person engineering team to build products for OkCupid West Coast R&D office. Trained team for rapid agile software development.

UX and Engineering Designed and developed internal tools and consumer facing products for Fortune 500 companies.

UX and Engineering Lean UX, design, user studies and development. Trained team on Ruby on Rails and agile processes.

Scaling API Created an API to upload images and a landing page to engage and expand customer base, allowing Matterport's engineers to stay focused on core imaging technology.

Team Augmentation and Refactoring Codebase Placed tech lead and helped build out technical team to support rapid growth. Refactored significant portions of ecommerce engine while porting between 3PL providers.

Scaling and Training Helped architect and implement service oriented architecture to support extreme and rapid growth. Paired with engineering team for training, API design, and codebase re-architecture.


What we can do for you

We believe the key to project success lies in rapid iteration and frequent communication, assisted by techniques like pairing, test driven development, continuous integration. While the tools we use vary from project to project, we're well-versed in a host of standards-compliant buzzwords, and are happy to use whichever tools are most productive for your project. That said, here's a taste of the technologies we rely on every day.

  • Ruby web frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, and Grape
  • Databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Big Data stored in HBase, Cassandra, and Riak
  • Javascript frameworks like Backbone, Angular, and Ember
  • Source control in Git repositories, client owned and controlled from day one
  • Caching in Memcache and Varnish
  • Background jobs and queues with Resque and Sidekiq, backed by Redis
  • Monitoring with NewRelic, Papertrail, Nagios, Splunk, Jmeter
  • Exception notification from Airbrake, Honeybadger
  • Hosting on AWS, BlueBox, EngineYard, Heroku, Rackspace
  • Pair programming and test-driven development
  • Continuous integration leading straight to continuous deployment of passing builds


How we work

Cloud City Development uses lean UX and agile development principles.

We create authentic products that stay true to your needs and values. We are upfront and straightforward. We don't impose our ideas or dogma. We tell you plainly what we believe, but you call the shots. Here's a general overview of the process you can expect from us.

Project kickoff
Team explains the how and why of the project
Daily standups
Note progress and blockers
Iteration planning meetings
Weekly meetings to plan upcoming work
Quick estimation of the time needed for upcoming work
User studies
Test the actual audience for the application
Show stakeholders our progress
Weekly retrospective
Review how the project is going
Post project follow up
Check in to make sure everything is working



Free and open source projects

Bundler A free and open source tool, Bundler allows Ruby applications to track and install dependencies across development and production machines. André Arko, a senior developer at Cloud City, leads the Bundler team and speaks regularly at industry conferences about his work on Bundler and other software development topics.

Death Stare Developed entirely by Cloud City, DeathStare is an open source tool for extreme load testing. It provides a JSON REST API client, a Rails engine based web dashboard, auto-scaling test workers on Heroku, and real-time results via Librato.